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Irka Web Directory
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the submissions guideline?

There are submissions guidelines to ensure a minimum of quality for each sites submitted. As you can see there is a counter on the homepage showing the number of pending links, those links have been submitted by webmasters and are awaiting review and perhaps inclusion.
Irka Web Directory Submissions Guideline

How can I submit a web site?

By using the button on the top banner ' Submit Link '. We recommend that you browse each categories to find the proper one to submit a link. Do not rely on choosing a category directly on the submit, cause we know it and it results to bad submissions.

What kind of web site can I submit to IWD?

Whether it is your personnal page, a business web site, a university , a travel agency, foreign site it is more likely to be included in IWD. Though we refuse a certain type of web sites:
  • Child Pornography or something that looks close to it
  • Web sites that promote Hatred, Violence and serves Terrorists Organizations
  • Warez, Hack, Crack web sites are not welcome here
  • All sorts of Spam, Link Farms, Pages full of Affiliates and such
  • We are interested to know how a bomb works but not how to make one
  • Fake business web sites

Do I have to pay anything?

Nothing, not a dime, this directory is free to submit to! You might also be interested in a buying a featured link to have a higher presence in the directory. Featured links are links that appears at the top of regular links (sites submitted for free).

Why I submitted my web site but it's still not approved?

Probably because you submitted your site to the wrong category, or you didn't read the guidelines.

Reasons why your web site or/and IP address is banned.

We are not likely to ban every submitters that made some mistakes, but we do keep a track of those so called Submission Companies, Submissions Services or people that submits their sites using an auto submission software, those person are more likely to get banned.
We do not ban lazy people, but we delete their web sites submission.

How long does it takes to review a link?

In less than 10-15 seconds, or we'll never be able to review all of them in time.

How can i get unbanned?

You can't, the time we spent adding your IP/URL to the black list was also a waste.
If you absolutely believe there was a misunderstanding for us to ban your IP/URL, then find a way to contact us.

Here is the message you get if you are banned:

How many links are listed per pages

For each categories in the directory only 50 links are allowed per pages, of course if we reach that mark it will create a page 2 for further links approval, but we are not likely to list that much sites in the same category.

Who are the people behind Irka Web Directory?

Mostly French and Americans, this explains why we focus on the french category more than any other countries.
IWD in the world: Irka Web Directory France